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"MG-XV, 15th International Conference on
Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation and Related Topics"

September 18-22, 2016
Estoril Congress Center, Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

in conjunction with the

6th Euro-Asian Pulsed Power Conference, and
21st International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams

Sponsored by

The IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

Conference Chair: Prof. Luis M. S. Redondo
Technical Chair: Prof. Bucur M. Novac

Click here for a link to the EAPPC-BEAMS-MEGAGAUSS conferences.

Megagauss I 1965 Frascati, Italy H. Knoepfel/F. Herlach, Co-chairs
Megagauss II 1979 Washington, DC, USA Dr. Peter J. Turchi, Chair
Megagauss III 1983 Novosibirsk, Russia Prof. V. Titov , Chair
Megagauss IV 1986 Santa Fe, NM, USA Dr. Max Fowler, Chair
Megagauss V 1989 Novosibirsk, Russia Prof. Gennady Shvetsov, Chair
Megagauss VI 1993 Albuquerque, NM, USA Dr. Bill Cowan, Chair
Megagauss VII 1996 Sarov, Russia Dr. Victor Selemir, Chair
Megagauss VIII 1998 Tallahassee, FL, USA Dr. Hans Schneider-Muntau, Chair
Megagauss IX 2002 Moscow - St. Petersburg, Russia Dr. Victor Selemir, Chair
Megagauss X 2004 Berlin, Germany Prof. M. von Ortenberg, Chair
Megagauss XI 2006 London, United Kingdom Prof. Ivor Smith, Chair
Megagauss 2006 2006 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Dr. Robert Reinovsky, Chair
Megagauss 2008 2008 Novosibirsk, Russia Dr. Gennady Shvetsov, Chair
Megagauss XIII 2010 Suzhou, China SUN Chenwei (Chair) and YAN Luguang (Co-chair)
Megagauss XIV 2012 Maui, Hawaii, USA Dr. James Degnan, Chair



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